Due to system conversion, As of October 1, only PFCU will have access to statement history on any previous SageLink, A Division of PFCU account.
Members will no longer have access to transactional history through home banking or telephone teller. Any questions regarding this, please contact us


Additionally, Mobile Banking, Home Banking and telephone teller will be unavailable Friday, September 28 at 5:30 PM to Monday October 1 at 8:00 AM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


My online banking says it does not recognize my computer. Why?
You may have inserted an incorrect account number. Go back to the main MyCU@Home Online Banking screen and re-enter your account number. If the problem persists, please contact Member Support.

My online banking is saying that I am "locked out." What does that mean?
Being "locked out" means that there have been too many attempts to log in to your online banking account. To have your account unlocked please contact Member Support or choose the unlock option that appears below the login box when the account has been locked..

Why is my computer asking me security questions? It has never done that before.
Security questions are a line of defense to ensure your financial safety while using online banking. If you have recently updated your computer or are logging in on a device that you have not used before, you will be asked security questions. These security questions would have been set up by yourself when you enrolled in online banking.

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
To enroll in Mobile Banking please follow these instructions.

I have a safe deposit box. When does the annual fee get removed from my account?
The fee for your safety deposit box is removed between January 15th - January 20th.

When are my Christmas Club funds available for use?
Christmas Club funds are disbursed during the last full week in October and are transferred electronically to the SageLink* account of your previously requested choice.

What is your check hold policy?
Unfortunately, we cannot give a confirmed hold time on any check without seeing it in person. Please bring any checks to a branch and we can verify if and what the hold time would be.

Why does Telephone Teller and Online Banking tell me that I have a Current Balance and an Available Balance?
Your current balance is what you currently have in your account. This does not mean that the funds are available to be spent. Your available balance will tell you what you have that is actually available to be spent.

Why is there a difference from my current balance and available balance?
You have a difference from current to available balances because you have authorized holds on your account. This means that you have swiped your card for a purchase and the company is holding those funds until they can process the transactions. It could also mean that you currently have a check holding against your account. To view your authorized holds, log in to your Home Banking account and click Auth Holds or listen to the holds by using Telephone Teller.